Jonathan Lefman

Jonathan Lefman is a developer relations manager for Biological and Material Science Applications at NVIDIA, covering HPC and AI workflows from instruments to supercomputers. He holds a Ph.D. in structural biology from New York University. Dr. Lefman developed NVIDIA GPU-accelerated superresolution microscopy techniques during postdoc research at NIH/NCI and NIST.

Posts by Jonathan Lefman

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Creating Visualizations of Large Molecular Systems using NVIDIA Omniverse

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create beautiful and immersive scientific visualizations of large and dynamic simulations like Folding@Home’s simulation of… 5 MIN READ
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Delivering up to 9X the Throughput with NAMD v3 and NVIDIA A100 GPU

NAMD, a widely used parallel molecular dynamics simulation engine, was one of the first CUDA-accelerated applications. Throughout the early evolution of CUDA… 14 MIN READ