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Jake Hemstad is a senior developer technology engineer at NVIDIA, where he works on developing high-performance CUDA C++ software for accelerating data analytics. He cares equally about developing high-quality software as much as he does achieving optimal GPU performance, and is an advocate for modern C++ design. Before NVIDIA, he attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota where he worked with Sandia National Laboratories on task-parallel HPC runtimes and sparse linear solvers.
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Using the NVIDIA CUDA Stream-Ordered Memory Allocator, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we introduced new API functions, cudaMallocAsync and cudaFreeAsync, that enable memory allocation and deallocation to be... 9 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 2

Using the NVIDIA CUDA Stream-Ordered Memory Allocator, Part 1

Most CUDA developers are familiar with the cudaMalloc and cudaFree API functions to allocate GPU accessible memory. However, there has long been an obstacle... 14 MIN READ