Jacob Tomlinson

Jacob Tomlinson is a senior Python software engineer at NVIDIA with a focus on deployment tooling for distributed systems. His work involves maintaining open source projects including RAPIDS and Dask. RAPIDS is a suite of GPU accelerated open source Python tools which mimic APIs from the PyData stack including those of Numpy, Pandas and SciKit-Learn. Dask provides advanced parallelism for analytics with out-of-core computation, lazy evaluation and distributed execution of the PyData stack.

Posts by Jacob Tomlinson

Technical Walkthrough 0

Testing Container Images Against Multiple Platforms with Container Canary

This post details how to use Container Canary from installation and validation to writing custom manifests and container automation. 10 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 1

GPU Dashboards in Jupyter Lab

NVDashboard in Jupyter Lab is a great open-source package to monitor system resources for all GPU and RAPIDS users to achieve optimal performance. 8 MIN READ