Dave Salvator

Dave Salvator is a senior manager for product marketing with the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing group. He focuses on hyperscale computing, deep learning, and bringing the NVIDIA data center platform to the cloud.

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Furthering NVIDIA Performance Leadership with MLPerf Inference 1.1 Results

A look at NVIDIA inference performance as measured by the MLPerf Inference 1.1 benchmark. 6 MIN READ
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Getting the Most Out of NVIDIA T4 on AWS G4 Instances

Learn how to get the best natural language inference performance from AWS G4dn instance powered by NVIDIA T4 GPUs, and how to deploy BERT networks easily using… 14 MIN READ
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MLOps Made Simple & Cost Effective with Google Kubernetes Engine and NVIDIA A100 Multi-Instance GPUs

Google Cloud and NVIDIA collaborated to make MLOps simple, powerful, and cost-effective by bringing together the solution elements to build… 5 MIN READ
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Extending NVIDIA Performance Leadership with MLPerf Inference 1.0 Results

In this post, we step through some of these optimizations, including the use of Triton Inference Server and the A100 Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) feature. 7 MIN READ
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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services Now Offers Native Support for NVIDIA A100 Multi-Instance GPUs

NVIDIA and AWS collaborated to create the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a managed Kubernetes service to scale, load balance and orchestrate workloads… 3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA A100 GPUs Available on Google Cloud’s Compute Engine

NVIDIA and Google Cloud are making it possible for applications to push the boundaries of accelerated AI across a wide array of applications. 2 MIN READ