Dong Meng

Dong Meng is a Solutions Architecture Engineer at NVIDIA. Dong is experienced in big data platforms and accelerator performance optimization. He works with public cloud service providers to deploy cloud-based GPU accelerated solutions for machine learning training/inference and data analytics.
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Posts by Dong Meng

Data Science

Simplifying and Accelerating Machine Learning Predictions in Apache Beam with NVIDIA TensorRT

Loading and preprocessing data for running machine learning models at scale often requires seamlessly stitching the data processing framework and inference... 11 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Accelerating Machine Learning Model Inference on Google Cloud Dataflow with NVIDIA GPUs

Today, in partnership with NVIDIA, Google Cloud announced Dataflow is bringing GPUs to the world of big data processing to unlock new possibilities. With... 8 MIN READ
Data Science

Accelerating Analytics and AI with Alluxio and NVIDIA GPUs

Data processing is increasingly making use of NVIDIA computing for massive parallelism. Advancements in accelerated compute mean that access to storage must... 10 MIN READ