David Iles

David Iles is the senior director of Ethernet Switching at NVIDIA. Mr. Iles has held leadership roles at 3COM, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, and IBM where he promoted advanced network technologies including high-speed Ethernet, layer 4-7 switching, VM-aware networking, and software-defined networking. As a life-long technologist, David invented new ways to benchmark the performance of layer 4-7 switches and has contributed several patents in datacenter networking.

Posts by David Iles

Server room represented by several server racks.
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Identifying Network and Storage Issues with NVIDIA Advanced Streaming Telemetry

NVIDIA What Just Happened is a hardware-accelerated telemetry technology where the switch ASIC holds onto important parts of dropped packets. Learn how it helps… 12 MIN READ
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Accelerating IO in the Modern Data Center: Computing and IO Management

This is the third post in the Accelerating IO series, which has the goal of describing the architecture, components, and benefits of Magnum IO… 14 MIN READ