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Corey is a data scientist and principal engineer on the RAPIDS ML team at NVIDIA, where he focuses on building and scaling machine learning algorithms to support extreme data loads at light speed. Prior to working at NVIDIA, Corey spent over a decade building massive-scale exploratory data science & real-time analytics platforms for big-data and HPC environments in the defense industry. Corey holds Bs. & Ms. degrees in Computer Science. He is also working towards his Ph.D. in the same discipline, focused on the acceleration of algorithms at the intersection of graph and machine learning. Corey has a passion for using data to make better sense of the world.
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Posts by Corey Nolet

Data Center / Cloud

Accelerating Vector Search: Fine-Tuning GPU Index Algorithms

In this post, we dive deeper into each of the GPU-accelerated indexes mentioned in part 1 and give a brief explanation of how the algorithms work, along with a... 12 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Accelerating Vector Search: Using GPU-Powered Indexes with RAPIDS RAFT

In the AI landscape of 2023, vector search is one of the hottest topics due to its applications in large language models (LLM) and generative AI. Semantic... 11 MIN READ
Data Science

GPU-Accelerated Single-Cell RNA Analysis with RAPIDS-singlecell

Single-cell sequencing has become one of the most prominent technologies used in biomedical research. Its ability to decipher changes in the transcriptome and... 13 MIN READ
Computer art of squares on a dark background, with light coming from one side.
Data Science

Reusable Computational Patterns for Machine Learning and Information Retrieval with RAPIDS RAFT

RAPIDS is a suite of accelerated libraries for data science and machine learning on GPUs: cuDF for pandas-like data structures cuGraph for graph data cuML for... 11 MIN READ
Data Science

Faster HDBSCAN Soft Clustering with RAPIDS cuML

HDBSCAN is a state-of-the-art, density-based clustering algorithm that has become popular in domains as varied as topic modeling, genomics, and geospatial... 9 MIN READ
Accelerating classification on sparse data with GPUs and a splash of Bayes
Data Science

Faster Text Classification with Naive Bayes and GPUs

Naive Bayes (NB) is a simple but powerful probabilistic classification technique that parallelizes well and can scale to datasets of massive size.  If you... 11 MIN READ