Corey Nolet

Corey Nolet is a Data Scientist & Sr. Engineer on the RAPIDS ML team at NVIDIA, where he focuses on building and scaling machine learning algorithms to support extreme data loads at light speed. Prior to working at NVIDIA, Corey spent over a decade building massive-scale exploratory data science & real-time analytics platforms for big-data and HPC environments in the defense industry. Corey holds Bs. & Ms. degrees in Computer Science. He is also working towards his Ph.D. in the same discipline, focused on the acceleration of algorithms at the intersection of graph and machine learning. Corey has a passion for using data to make better sense of the world.

Posts by Corey Nolet

Technical Walkthrough 3

GPU-Accelerated Hierarchical DBSCAN with RAPIDS cuML – Let’s Get Back To The Future

Read about the HDBSCAN algorithm, a density-based clustering method that is robust and practical for use in industry and scientific computing applications. 10 MIN READ
Technical Walkthrough 0

Analyzing the RNA-Sequence of 1.3M Mouse Brain Cells with RAPIDS on NVIDIA GPUs

Learn how the use of RAPIDS to accelerate the analysis of single-cell RNA-sequence on a single NVIDIA V100 GPU shows a massive performance increase. 8 MIN READ