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Chris Deotte is a senior data scientist at NVIDIA. Chris has a Ph.D. in computational science and mathematics with a thesis on optimizing parallel processing. Chris is a Kaggle 4x grandmaster.
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Recommenders / Personalization

Pro Tips for Building Multilingual Recommender Systems

Picture this: You're browsing through an online store, looking for the perfect pair of running shoes. But with thousands of options available, where do you even... 12 MIN READ
Data Science

Fast Fine-Tuning of AI Transformers Using RAPIDS Machine Learning

In recent years, transformers have emerged as a powerful deep neural network architecture that has been proven to beat the state of the art in many application... 7 MIN READ
Data Science

Competition and Community Insights from NVIDIA’s Kaggle Grandmasters

In this post, we summarize questions and answers from GTC sessions with NVIDIA’s Kaggle Grandmaster team.  Additionally, we answer audience questions we... 11 MIN READ
Data Science

Accelerating k-nearest Neighbors 600x Using RAPIDS cuML

k-Nearest Neighbors classification is a straightforward machine learning technique that predicts an unknown observation by using the k most similar known... 6 MIN READ
Recommenders / Personalization

How to Build a Winning Deep Learning Powered Recommender System-Part 3

Recommender systems (RecSys) have become a key component in many online services, such as e-commerce, social media, news service, or online video streaming.... 21 MIN READ
Data Science

Leveraging Machine Learning to Detect Fraud: Tips to Developing a Winning Kaggle Solution

Kaggle is an online community that allows data scientists and machine learning engineers to find and publish data sets, learn, explore, build models, and... 21 MIN READ