Charu Chaubal

Charu Chaubal works in product marketing for the Enterprise Computing Platform Group at NVIDIA. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing, customer education, and pre-sales of technology products and services. Charu has worked in diverse areas, such as cloud computing, hyperconverged infrastructure, and IT security. As a technology marketing leader at VMware, he helped launch numerous offerings that collectively grew into multibillion-dollar businesses. Previously, he worked at Sun Microsystems, where he architected distributed resource management and HPC infrastructure software solutions. Charu has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and is the author of several patents.

Posts by Charu Chaubal

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Optimizing Enterprise IT Workloads with NVIDIA-Certified Systems

Choose from a range of workload-specific validated configurations for GPU-accelerated servers and workstations. 6 MIN READ
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Choosing a Server for Deep Learning Inference

Learn about the characteristics of inference workloads and system features needed to run them, particularly at the edge. 8 MIN READ
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Choosing a Server for Deep Learning Training

Learn about the characteristics of various accelerated workload categories and the system features needed to run them. 8 MIN READ
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Build Mainstream Servers for AI Training and 5G with the NVIDIA H100 CNX

Learn about the H100 CNX, an innovative new hardware accelerator for GPU-accelerated I/O intensive workloads. 5 MIN READ