Bhanu Pisupati

Bhanu Pisupati leads design and development of deep learning and generative AI-based smart city solutions as part of the NVIDIA Metropolis “edge-to-cloud” platform. He has a PhD in Computer Science from Indiana University, Bloomington and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Build Vision AI Applications at the Edge with NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices and APIs

NVIDIA Metropolis microservices provide powerful, customizable, cloud-native APIs and microservices to develop vision AI applications and solutions. The... 13 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Building Intelligent Video Analytics Apps Using NVIDIA DeepStream 5.0 (Updated for GA)

Whether it’s a warehouse looking to balance product distribution and optimize traffic, a factory assembly line inspection, or hospital management, making sure... 23 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Breaking the Boundaries of Intelligent Video Analytics with DeepStream SDK 3.0

A picture is worth a thousand words and videos have thousands of pictures. Both contain incredible amounts of insights only revealed through the power of... 11 MIN READ
Smart Cities
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

DeepStream: Next-Generation Video Analytics for Smart Cities

Imagine every parent’s worst nightmare: a child lost in a crowded mall. Now imagine a scenario where that child is located and rescued in a matter of minutes... 13 MIN READ