Andrew Tao

Andrew Tao is a distinguished engineer and manager of the Computer Vision team in the Applied Deep Learning Research group at NVIDIA. He received his masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1992 with an emphasis on Computer Architecture. At NVIDIA, he has worked as a CPU hardware engineer, GPU hardware engineer and architect, and director of applied architecture. Previously, he led a number of computer vision teams in the automotive sector.
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Data Science

Improving Computer Vision with NVIDIA A100 GPUs

During the 2020 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference keynote address, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang introduced the new NVIDIA A100 GPU based on the NVIDIA... 16 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Using Multi-Scale Attention for Semantic Segmentation

There’s an important technology that is commonly used in autonomous driving, medical imaging, and even Zoom virtual backgrounds: semantic segmentation.... 10 MIN READ
Figure 1: Example DetectNet output for vehicle detection.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

DetectNet: Deep Neural Network for Object Detection in DIGITS

The NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS) puts the power of deep learning in the hands of data scientists and researchers. Using DIGITS you can... 11 MIN READ