Arthy Sundaram

Arthy is senior product manager for NVIDIA CUDA Math Libraries. Prior to this, Arthy has served as senior product manager for NVIDIA CUDA C++ Compiler and also the enablement of CUDA on WSL and ARM. She joined NVIDIA in 2014 as a senior engineer in the GPU driver team and worked extensively on Maxwell, Pascal and Turing architectures. In 2020, she transitioned to product management where she's focused on solving customer-centric problems. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in the field of computer science.
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Illustration representing HPC.
Data Center / Cloud

Building High-Performance Applications in the Era of Accelerated Computing

AI is augmenting high-performance computing (HPC) with novel approaches to data processing, simulation, and modeling. Because of the computational requirements... 6 MIN READ
Decorative image of matrices on a black background, with the text, "Part 2."
Simulation / Modeling / Design

cuTENSOR 2.0: Applications and Performance

While part 1 focused on the usage of the new NVIDIA cuTENSOR 2.0 CUDA math library, this post introduces a variety of usage modes beyond that, specifically... 9 MIN READ
Decorative image of matrices on a black background, with the text "Part 1."
Simulation / Modeling / Design

cuTENSOR 2.0: A Comprehensive Guide for Accelerating Tensor Computations

NVIDIA cuTENSOR is a CUDA math library that provides optimized implementations of tensor operations where tensors are dense, multi-dimensional arrays or array... 17 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Spotlight: Honeywell Accelerates Industrial Process Simulation with NVIDIA cuDSS

For over a decade, traditional industrial process modeling and simulation approaches have struggled to fully leverage multicore CPUs or acceleration devices to... 8 MIN READ
An illustration representing HPC applications.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Unlock the Power of NVIDIA Grace and NVIDIA Hopper Architectures with Foundational HPC Software

High-performance computing (HPC) powers applications in simulation and modeling, healthcare and life sciences, industry and engineering, and more. In the modern... 7 MIN READ
CUDA abstract image.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

CUDA Toolkit 12.2 Unleashes Powerful Features for Boosting Applications

The latest release of CUDA Toolkit 12.2 introduces a range of essential new features, modifications to the programming model, and enhanced support for hardware... 8 MIN READ