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Ash Bhalgat is the senior director of Cloud, Telco and Security Market Development in the NVIDIA Networking business unit. He leads cloud and telco solutions, technical marketing, and partner ecosystem business development to drive networking portfolio revenue and market share growth. Ash has 20+ years hi-tech industry experience building and marketing multimillion-dollar revenue products and solution at Cisco, Polycom, and Mellanox for enterprise, service provider, and cloud customers. During these years, he dabbled in many technologies including data centers, cloud-native, Kubernetes, containers, 4G/5G, virtualization, SDN, NFV, hardware acceleration, routing, Wi-Fi, UCC, network management, and mobile apps. Ash earned a M.S. in computer engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from Santa Clara University. He has also published research papers on compiler optimizations at ACM conferences.
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Posts by Ash Bhalgat

F5 Accelerates Security and App Delivery
Data Center / Cloud

Turbocharging Multi-Cloud Security and Application Delivery with VirtIO Offloading

The incredible increase of traffic within data centers along with increased adoption of virtualization is placing strains on the traditional data centers.... 5 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Enabling Enterprise Cybersecurity Protection with a DPU-Accelerated, Next-Generation Firewall

Cyberattacks are gaining sophistication and are presenting an ever-growing challenge. This challenge is compounded by an increase in remote workforce... 5 MIN READ
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Accelerating Cloud-Native Applications at China Mobile Bigcloud

Cloud computing is designed to be agile and resilient to deliver additional value for businesses. China Mobile (CMCC), one of China’s largest telecom... 6 MIN READ
F5 joined the NVIDIA GTC to discuss the real-time pre-processing of telemetry data generated from BlueField DPUs
Data Center / Cloud

Edge Computing Is the Next Big Cybersecurity Challenge

The acceleration of digital transformation within data centers and the associated application proliferation is exposing new attack surfaces to potential... 4 MIN READ
An animated visualization of Red Hat Openshift running on the NVIDIA BlueField DPU

Accelerating Cloud-Ready Infrastructure and Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift and the NVIDIA BlueField DPU

The IT world is moving to cloud, and cloud is built on containers managed with Kubernetes. We believe the next logical step is to accelerate this infrastructure... 9 MIN READ
How 100Gb Ethernet and DPDK drivers Are Enabling 5G Services

Unlocking the Promise of 5G

This post was originally published on the Mellanox blog. Wireless carriers have been hyping the next-generation cellular technology of 5G for years but the... 8 MIN READ