Animesh Garg

Animesh Garg is a senior research scientist at NVIDIA, a CIFAR chair assistant professor of computer science at University of Toronto, and a faculty member at the Vector Institute. He earned a PhD from UC, Berkeley and was a postdoc at Stanford AI lab. He works on the Algorithmic Foundations for Generalizable Autonomy, to enable AI-based robots to work alongside humans. His work has been recognized with numerous research awards in robotics and machine learning.

Posts by Animesh Garg

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NVIDIA Research: Transferring Dexterous Manipulation from GPU Simulation to a Remote, Real-World, TriFinger Task

Large-scale GPU-based simulation enables robot learning in simulation, and can be transferred to real robots without the need for physical access to the robots. 12 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Research: Auditing AI Models for Verified Deployment under Semantic Specifications

Learn about how AuditAI increases safety and ethical use of deep learning models during deployment. 7 MIN READ