Amey Kulkarni

Amey Kulkarni is a developer technology engineer at NVIDIA and focuses on deploying deep learning solutions to the edge efficiently. Before joining NVIDIA in 2019, he completed a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Maryland. His research interests are in deploying digital signal processing, computer vision, and deep learning systems on embedded platforms.
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Developing and Deploying AI-powered Robots with NVIDIA Isaac Sim and NVIDIA TAO

From building cars to helping surgeons and delivering pizzas, robots not only automate but also speed up human tasks manyfold. With the advent of AI, you can... 12 MIN READ

Accelerating AI Modules for ROS and ROS 2 on NVIDIA Jetson Platform

NVIDIA Jetson developer kits serve as a go-to platform for roboticists because of its ease of use, system support, and its comprehensive support for... 11 MIN READ

Training Your NVIDIA JetBot to Avoid Collisions Using NVIDIA Isaac Sim

Collecting a variety of data is important for AI model generalization. A good dataset consists of objects with different perspectives, backgrounds, colors, and... 10 MIN READ

Implementing Robotics Applications with ROS 2 and AI on the NVIDIA Jetson Platform

Deep learning is being adopted in robotics to accurately navigate indoor environments, detect and follow objects of interest, and maneuver without collisions.... 9 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Implementing a Real-time, AI-Based, Face Mask Detector Application for COVID-19

  Businesses are constantly overhauling their existing infrastructure and processes to be more efficient, safe, and usable for employees, customers, and... 10 MIN READ