Allan Enemark

Allan Enemark, Data Visualization Design, the lead for the NVIDIA RAPIDS data visualization team, working to build proofs-of-concept, develop tools, and integrate frameworks with RAPIDS to advance the visual analytics field through GPU acceleration.

Posts by Allan Enemark

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GPU Accelerating Node.js JavaScript for Visualization and Beyond

NVIDIA GTC21 had numerous great and engaging contents, especially around RAPIDS, so it would be easy to miss our debut presentation “ Using RAPIDS to Accelerate… 6 MIN READ
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Build a Fully Interactive Dashboard in a Few Lines of Python

Work continues on improving the UX and capabilities of our GPU cross-filter dashboard library, cuxfilter. Here is a quick recap of its latest features. 2 MIN READ
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Interactively Visualizing a DriveTime Radius from Any Point in the US

In this blog post, we’ll explore how RAPIDS’ cuDF, cuGraph, cuSpatial, and Plotly Dash with NVIDIA GPUs can be used to solve these complex geospatial analytics problems interactively. 8 MIN READ