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AI-Powered Crib Cam Monitors Your Baby

BabbyCam is a new deep learning baby monitor that recognizes your baby, monitors their emotions and will alert you if their face is covered.
As a new parent himself, the developer of the camera was in search for a solution with the ability to identify if the infant was on its stomach, one of the leading causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). With no monitors in existence, Benjamin Lui, who is also an NVIDIA engineer, decided there was a need to develop one.
Using NVIDIA DIGITS and Tesla GPUs on the Amazon cloud, Lui trained his deep learning system to determine if a baby was present in its crib, developing its recognition ability by feeding it thousands of downloaded images. He then trained it to distinguish whether the baby was on its stomach, and from there created the activity labels of “no baby,” “baby asleep,” “baby awake,” “baby crying” and “face covered.”  Parents can enable email and text alerts for any of the latter four.

“I didn’t want to buy one of these expensive baby monitors that would track breathing and heart rate,” Lui said. “I wanted to catch these problems before they occurred. If the camera is smart enough to detect that your baby’s face is covered, you can catch that before scary stuff starts happening.”
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