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Actress Kristen Stewart Co-Authored AI Style Transfer Paper

The Twilight actress made her directorial debut in a short film Come Swim, shown yesterday at the Sundance Film Festival and features the use of the popular neural “style transfer” technique to build its story.
The project, co-authored with an Adobe research engineer, is a great case study on the ability to use style transfer in a production. Using CUDA, GPUs on the Amazon cloud and the cuDNN-accelerated Caffe deep learning framework, they redrew key scenes in Come Swim in the style of the impressionistic painting that inspired the film.

Usage of Neural Style Transfer in Come Swim; left: content image, middle: style image, right: upsampled result.

As mentioned in the paper, GPUs played a key role in the work since they provided the computing power necessary to achieve the quality needed for the images in a reasonable amount of time.
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