For over 20 years, NVIDIA has been at the forefront of building advanced GPU and gaming technologies for game developers. We’re as passionate about building technology as we are about helping game developers deliver their creative vision. Most recently, these technologies have been delivered as part of the NVIDIA® GameWorks™ program, where developers can get free access to some of the most advanced graphics and simulation technologies.

It’s a great time to be a gamer, and an even better time to be an indie game developer. It’s never been easier for you to build the game of your dreams, and there are more games than ever for gamers to play. But this also means that it has become increasingly difficult for gamers to find your game.

That’s where the NVIDIA® Indie Spotlight™ Program comes in. We’ll leverage our GeForce® community to tell them about your great game. All upside. No catch.

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* Please note that your NVIDIA Indie Spotlight registration is not tied to your NVIDIA Developer Program account. They are separate accounts.

This is the program.

The NVIDIA Indie Spotlight Program is designed to give small and independent game developers more exposure. We’ll use the world’s largest PC gaming community to get the word out about your game. No matter what it is, if it’s fun, our audience wants to know about it! We have millions of Geforce gamers with a passion for discovering the next big indie sensation.

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This is why you care.

Hundreds of new PC games are released each month. But how many great games have you played that seem to have barely sold? Seems like many of these games are being buried under the weight of new releases each month.

Whether you’re a talented first-time game developer, or a team of former AAA devs striking out on your own, we want gamers to know about your game. We handpick and curate the best of the best indie games to share with our GeForce community of gamers.

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Opportunities are available with our retail channel partners, our press partners, and on our GeForce social media channels. It’s the perfect way to tell our community about your game. We’re looking for the best of the best indie games. Does yours deserve the spotlight?

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