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NVIDIA TAO is a framework that simplifies and accelerates the creation of custom, production-ready AI models to power Speech and Vision AI applications.



TAO is a low-code/no-code framework that lets enterprise application developers fine-tune NVIDIA pretrained models with custom data to produce highly accurate computer vision, speech, and language understanding models in hours rather than months, eliminating the need for large training runs and deep AI expertise.

TAO is available today as a low-code solution called the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit. A no-code, GUI-based solution is currently in development that brings together the TAO toolkit and other key NVIDIA technologies under a single, unified interface. Apply for early access today.

Fast-Track AI with NVIDIA TAO

NVIDIA TAO simplifies the time-consuming parts of a deep learning workflow, from data preparation to training to optimization, shortening the time to value.

Train Easily

TAO’s low-code and no-code solutions abstract away the AI framework complexity, making it very easy for developers to create custom models.

Customize Faster

Fine-tune and adapt pretrained models with your data by leveraging transfer learning, and produce customized and production ready models in hours.

Optimize for Deployment

TAO automatically optimizes the models for inference by balancing for latency and throughput for the target GPU.

Integrate and Deploy

The optimized models from TAO can be integrated into NVIDIA Riva and NVIDIA DeepStream or deployed via NVIDIA Triton Inference Server.

Key Products in NVIDIA TAO

Low-Code Solution: TAO Toolkit

TAO Toolkit is a low-code AI solution that simplifies the task of transfer learning and fine-tuning on computer vision and conversational AI models.

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Highly accurate and efficient domain-specific AI models

No-Code Solution (Coming Soon)

The no-code solution, driven entirely through a GUI and a guided workflow, will allow users to train, adapt, optimize and deploy models without writing a single line of code.

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TAO GTC Session

Learn a zero-code approach to creating production-ready AI models in this new GTC session.

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TAO Toolkit

Simplify transfer learning with a command line interface-based, Jupyter notebook driven solution by abstracting away the AI/DL framework complexity.

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TAO Demo

Watch NVIDIA TAO in action as we show how to fine-tune and adapt a PeopleNet model from the NGC catalog.

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TAO Toolkit Whitepaper

Learn how NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and pretrained models can transform your development efforts.

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