NVIDIA RTX Path Tracing

NVIDIA RTX™ Path Tracing (RTXPT) merges years of best practices within real-time ray tracing and neural graphics development for building a real-time path tracer.

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Real-time path tracing of a scene called “Transparent Machines”
Real-time path tracing of a scene called “Transparent Machines,” created by artist Mike Winkelman. Rendering this glass machine requires light to bounce more than 60 times per light path.

Explore the Benefits of RTXPT

Ground Truth Lighting in Real Time

Whether you’re rasterizing, tracing rays, or both, RTXPT provides the tools and sample code to build an interactive physically-accurate reference renderer to aid in your development, ensuring your lighting during production is true to life.

Highly Customizable Toolkit

RTXPT gives you the flexibility to take individual components that suit your needs or take the entire path tracer and integrate it directly into your game engine.

Ultra-Realism Mode for Your Game

This path tracer leverages new hardware in NVIDIA GeForce RTX® 40 Series GPUs, allowing you to provide the highest-quality rendering modes with uncompromised performance.

See Path Tracing in Games

Cyberpunk 2077

Portal with RTX

Justice Online

Take a Deeper Dive into RTXPT Core Technologies


NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a neural graphics technology that multiplies performance using AI to create entirely new frames and display higher resolution through image reconstruction—all while delivering best-in-class image quality and responsiveness.

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NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) 3
NVIDIA Shader Execution Reordering animation

Shader Execution Reordering (SER)

NVIDIA Shader Execution Reordering is an API extension that optimizes execution of ray-traced workloads to achieve maximum parallelism and performance from ray traced shaders.

Download NVAPI (SER will be made available through NVAPI soon)

RTX Dynamic Illumination (RTXDI)

NVIDIA RTXDI is a ray-tracing library that renders millions of dynamic lights and shadows in a scene without performance hits. RTXDI is accelerated by RT Cores in RTX GPUs.

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RTX Dynamic Illumination (RTXDI) in cityscape scene
Light propes in RTXGI

Real-Time Denoisers

NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NRD) is a cross-platform denoising library for ray-traced lighting, shadows, and ambient occlusion. It provides fast and uncompromised image quality for when you have a limited budget of rays per pixel.

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