Download RTX Path Tracing SDK

System Requirements

Operating Systems
Win10 20H1 (version 2004 - 10.0.19041) or newer
DirectX® Raytracing 1.1 API, or higher DXR Capable GPU
Requires 531.18 driver or newer
DirectX12. Vulkan API
Development Environment
Visual Studio 2019 or later

Latest Version for RTX Path Tracing SDK

Path Tracing SDK v1.2


  • Significant core path tracer light sampling improvements - reduced noise and artifacts
  • Various features, bug fixes, improvements and SDK updates

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A: Modern real-time ray tracing in games takes a hybrid approach - combining traditional rasterization-based rendering techniques with some ray-tracing effects. Real-Time Path Tracing accurately simulates the physical properties of light and all light in a scene is sampled stochastically.

A: The RTX Path Tracing SDK is for developers interested in leveraging an optimized path tracing solution suitable for real-time applications such as video games. This will allow your games to shine by delivering the highest quality rendering solution leveraging the full power of NVIDIA latest Ada series of GPUs.

A: This SDK provides developers with the key components necessary to build a real-time path tracer that can run on the latest NVIDIA GPUs. At launch, these components include direct illumination (RTXDI) and coherent ordering of ray-traced workloads (SER) for your lighting pipeline. AI-powered super resolution (DLSS) and denoising (NRD) for your post-processing pipeline. Additional features will be added in subsequent updates to the SDK.

A: Yes, you can decide which components are most relevant to your application and use case.

A: The Path Tracing SDK is designed to leverage the power and feature set of the latest NVIDIA Ada series GPUs and contains several components that require NVIDIA GPUs to run including DLSS.

A: The Path Tracing SDK supports DirectX 12 and Vulkan at launch.

A: At launch, you will not be able to run the PT SDK in Unreal or Unity. However, we are investigating solutions to make the technology available in those engines.