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Optimizing Robot Route Planning with NVIDIA cuOpt for Isaac Sim

Mailroom workers pick up mail and parcels from different stations and deliver them to various recipients. They know that some envelopes are time-sensitive so... 6 MIN READ
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Simulating Intelligent Robots of the Future with NVIDIA Isaac Sim 2022.2

NVIDIA announces the availability of the 2022.2 release of NVIDIA Isaac Sim. As a robotics simulation and synthetic data generation (SDG) tool, this NVIDIA... 4 MIN READ
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Free DLI Mini Self-Paced Course: Assemble a Simple Robot in NVIDIA Isaac Sim

This self-paced, free tutorial provides a basic understanding of the NVIDIA Isaac Sim interface and the documentation needed to begin robot simulation projects. < 1
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New Course: Introduction to Robotic Simulations in Isaac Sim

Learn how to use NVIDIA Isaac Sim to tap into the simulation loop of a 3D engine and initialize experiments with objects, robots, and physics logic. < 1
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Upcoming Webinar: Migrating ROS-based Robot Simulations from Ignition Gazebo to NVIDIA Isaac Sim

Join this webinar on August 4 to learn about moving from an Ignition Gazebo simulation to Isaac Sim using the Ignition-Omniverse experimental converter. < 1
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Closing the Sim2Real Gap with NVIDIA Isaac Sim and NVIDIA Isaac Replicator

Synthetic data is an important tool in training machine learning models for computer vision applications. Researchers from NVIDIA have introduced a structured... 10 MIN READ