OSMO is a cloud-native workflow orchestration platform that lets you easily scale your workloads across distributed environments—from on-premises to private and public cloud. It provides a single pane of glass for scheduling complex multi-stage and multi-container heterogeneous computing workflows.


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NVIDIA OSMO, a cloud-native workflow orchestration platform
 Decorative image of developer-friendly workflow specifications

Developer-Friendly Workflow Specification

Developers can easily share accelerated computing clusters for workflows across multiple heterogeneous compute nodes in multiple stages, without needing to know Kubernetes.

Integrate the solution into existing CI/CD pipelines to dynamically schedule tasks for regression testing, benchmarking, and model validation.

Decorative image of a location-agnostic deployment

Location-Agnostic Deployment

Deploy and orchestrate multi-stage workloads on Kubernetes clusters with support for mixed compute, such as x86 and Arm and NVIDIA GPU’s for training, inference or rendering. OSMO is CSP and location-agnostic, able to be deployed on-premises, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and on NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud solutions.

Decorative image of data lineage and asset traceability

Data Lineage and Asset Traceability

Easily set up YAML-based workflows tasks, from synthetic data generation to reinforcement learning to training to model validation in sim.

Data traceability is available for auditing deployed models and maintaining data lineage for safety.

Decorative image of secured services

Secured Services

Secure your solution using best practices in open standards, such as OIDC support for authentication, account management, container registries, data storage, and secrets management.

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