New to NVIDIA AndroidWorks 1R2, is a full version of IncrediBuild 7.0 for Visual Studio (trial licenses available upon install). NVIDIA has worked closely with IncrediBuild to accelerate build times when using IncrediBuild for Visual Studio in conjunction with the latest Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition 3.1.

Users will experience a significant reduction in build times using IncrediBuild, where benefits can be seen even running within a single machine. Furthermore, the new fast deploy functionality in Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition adds additional deployment optimization resulting in further reduction in iteration time.

This release also includes the latest versions of Developer Tools (Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio EditionTegra Graphics DebuggerTegra System Profiler,PerfHUD ESPerfKit), installation UI and usability improvements, the latest Android NDK (r10e), SDK (24.3.3), and Build/Platform, CUDA, OpenCV and PhysX support, NVIDIA GameWorks OpenGL sample source code and device drivers. This enables building, debugging, analyzing and profiling for Java, native C/C++, CUDA 6.5 and 7.0 (available on Linux x64 on select devices only), OpenGL ES 2.0, OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenGL ES 3.1, OpenGL ES 3.1 Android Extension Pack, and OpenGL 4.x on Android platforms.

Release Highlights

  • Full suite of native application development tools for Android, now available for all Android platforms (See compatible devices).
  • Updated suite of Android NDK (r10e), SDK (24.3.3), Build/Platform Tools to latest available versions.
  • IncrediBuild 7.0 for Visual Studio – Free Dev Edition is now included to improve your build times.
    • Free single machine acceleration + 30 day trial of network distributed acceleration
    • Accelerate Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition builds
    • Accelerate Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 builds
  • Tegra System Profiler 2.4 now shows the call-stack info when hovering over the thread blocked state in the timeline. In addition, thread names auto-populate without need of NVTX and can sort by utilization. Support for NVTX on 64-bit processes has been added, plus various backtrace quality improvements, and bug fixes.
  • Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition 3.1 with an improved Fast Deploy mechanism that only updates the native libraries on the device, various debug session improvements (specifying activity name/intent parameters, logcat filtering, execute custom batch script), root support (some devices that previously would not allow debugging can now debug when device is rooted), as well as various performance enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Tegra Graphics Debugger 2.0 wwith performance improvements for apps before capture, and various bug fixes.
  • PerfKit 4.4 support for Android.
  • CUDA 7.0 on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV
    • Available on Linux x64 on select devices only. See documentation for details.
  • CUDA 6.5 on NVIDIA Tegra K1 devices
    • Available on Linux x64 on select devices only. See documentation for details.

A complete list of features can be found at AndroidWorks and are available for download under the NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center.

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The NVIDIA Developer Tools Team