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The Top 5 AI Stories of the Week: 2/4

In this week’s edition of the NVIDIA Developer Top 5 video, we revisit the top developer stories of the week.
From an AI system that can automatically map vegetation areas in the Arctic, to a robot that relies on AI to play Jenga.
Plus, learn how Facebook researchers are using AI to automatically translate text-to-speech from one language to another.

5 – OVH Becomes First Cloud Provider In Europe to be Validated for NGC

This week OVH, a leading cloud computing company headquartered in France, became the first European cloud provider to be a validated platform partner for the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).
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4 – ORNL Researchers Use AI to Map Arctic Vegetation

Because of climate change, vegetation zones in Alaska and the pan-arctic are shifting. This shift could affect ecosystem factors such as carbon cycling, permafrost dynamics, and fire regimes.
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3- University of Antwerp & Imec Install a New NVIDIA DGX-2 System

The University of Antwerp and Imec have become the first institutions in the Benelux, the area in Western Europe that includes Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg to install the NVIDIA DGX-2 system.
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2 – Facebook Researchers Develop Multi-Language Text-to-Speech System

The team used NVIDIA Quadro GP100 GPUs and the cuDNN-accelerated PyTorch deep learning framework to train a TTS neural network that is able to produce speech in multiple languages.
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1 – MIT Builds Robot That Relies on AI to Play Jenga

A team of researchers from MIT just built a robot and developed a deep learning-based system that can play Jenga,
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