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AI / Deep Learning

Accelerating AI Modules for ROS and ROS 2 on NVIDIA Jetson Platform

In this post, we showcase our support for open-source robotics frameworks including ROS and ROS 2 on NVIDIA Jetson developer kits. 11 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Tutorial: Achieving High-Quality Search and Recommendation Results with DeepNLP

In this technical blog post, learn how LinkedIn uses deep learning-based NLP technologies to better understand text semantics, which is key to any ranking model. < 1
Graphics / Simulation

Video Series: Path Tracing for Quake II in Two Months

You wouldn’t know Quake II is now more than 20 years old when looking at the new RTX version. Path-traced reflections, shadows, and dynamic light sources bring… 14 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

Setting Up GPU Telemetry with NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager

Understanding GPU usage provides important insights for IT administrators managing a data center. Trends in GPU metrics correlate with workload behavior and… 6 MIN READ
Game Development

Video Tutorial: Flex for Unity Plugin

This set of videos will get you started learning about the FleX for Unity plugin, NVIDIA’s particle-based simulation tool, and how to use it. 2 MIN READ