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AI / Deep Learning

Accelerating Blender Python Using CUDA

This post described two different approaches for how to accelerate matrix multiplication. The first approach used the Numba compiler to decrease the overhead… 9 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Preparing Models for Object Detection with Real and Synthetic Data and the NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit

Learn how AI.Reverie used the TLT quantized-aware training and model pruning to test performance their synthetic data. 12 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Integrating with Data Generation and Labeling Tools for Accurate AI Training

In this blog post, we outline the key challenges in data preparation and training. We also introduce how to integrate your data to fine-tune AI/ 6 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Sim2SG: Generating Sim-to-Real Scene Graphs for Transfer Learning

Scene graphs (SGs) in both computer vision and computer graphics are an interpretable and structural representation of scenes. A scene graph summarizes entities… 5 MIN READ