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New SDKs Accelerating AI Research, Computer Vision, Data Science, and More

NVIDIA revealed major updates to its suite of AI software for developers including JAX, NVIDIA CV-CUDA, and NVIDIA RAPIDS. To learn about the latest SDK... 7 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: Deep Learning Framework Sessions at GTC 2022

Join us for these GTC 2022 sessions to learn about optimizing PyTorch models, accelerating graph neural networks, improving GPU performance, and more. < 1
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Scaling Data Pipelines: AT&T Optimizes Speed, Cost, and Efficiency with GPUs

It is well-known that GPUs are the typical go-to solution for large machine learning (ML) applications, but what if GPUs were applied to earlier stages of the... 10 MIN READ
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Accelerating ETL on KubeFlow with RAPIDS

In the machine learning and MLOps world, GPUs are widely used to speed up model training and inference, but what about the other stages of the workflow like ETL... 13 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: Data Science Sessions at GTC 2022

Learn about the latest AI and data science breakthroughs from the world's leading data science teams at GTC 2022. < 1
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Running Large-Scale Graph Analytics with Memgraph and NVIDIA cuGraph Algorithms

With the latest Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions (MAGE) release, you can now run GPU-powered graph analytics from Memgraph in seconds, while working in... 9 MIN READ