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Saving Apache Spark Big Data Processing Costs on Google Cloud Dataproc

According to IDC, the volume of data generated each year is growing exponentially.  IDC’s Global DataSphere projects that the world will generate 221 ZB... 8 MIN READ
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Faster HDBSCAN Soft Clustering with RAPIDS cuML

HDBSCAN is a state-of-the-art, density-based clustering algorithm that has become popular in domains as varied as topic modeling, genomics, and geospatial... 9 MIN READ
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Achieving 100x Faster Single-Cell Modality Prediction with NVIDIA RAPIDS cuML

Single-cell measurement technologies have advanced rapidly, revolutionizing the life sciences. We have scaled from measuring dozens to millions of cells and... 8 MIN READ
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Mastering String Transformations in RAPIDS libcudf

Efficient processing of string data is vital for many data science applications. To extract valuable information from string data, RAPIDS libcudf provides... 17 MIN READ
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Upcoming Workshop: Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection

Learn to detect data abnormalities before they impact your business by using XGBoost, autoencoders, and GANs. Workshops are available in both the NALA and EMEA... < 1
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Explain Your Machine Learning Model Predictions with GPU-Accelerated SHAP

Machine learning (ML) is increasingly used across industries. Fraud detection, demand sensing, and credit underwriting are a few examples of specific use... 15 MIN READ