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Prototyping Faster with the Newest UDF Enhancements in the NVIDIA cuDF API

This post highlights helpful new cuDF features that allow you to think about a single row of data and write code faster. 8 MIN READ
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Optimizing Access to Parquet Data with fsspec

This post details how the filesystem specification's new parquet model provides a format-aware byte-cashing optimization. 12 MIN READ
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Creating Differentiable Graphics and Physics Simulation in Python with NVIDIA Warp

Warp is a Python API framework for writing GPU graphics and simulation code, especially within Omniverse. 9 MIN READ
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Speeding up Numerical Computing in C++ with a Python-like Syntax in NVIDIA MatX

MatX is an experimental library that allows you to write high-performance GPU code in C++, with high-level syntax and a common data type across all functions. 6 MIN READ
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Three Approaches to Encoding Time Information as Features for ML Models

Learn an easier way to encode time-related Information by using dummy variables, cyclical coding with sine/cosine information, and radial basis functions. 15 MIN READ
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Insertion Sort Explained–A Data Scientists Algorithm Guide

Learn a step-by-step breakdown of sorting algorithms—a fundamental tool used in data science. 7 MIN READ