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Build Tools for the 3D World with the Extend the Omniverse Contest

Developers across industries are building 3D tools and applications to help teams create virtual worlds in art, design, manufacturing, and more. NVIDIA... 4 MIN READ
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Writing Ray Tracing Applications in Python Using the Numba Extension for PyOptiX

Ray tracing is a rendering algorithm that can generate photorealistic images by simulating how light transmits and interacts with different materials. Today, it... 13 MIN READ
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Prototyping Faster with the Newest UDF Enhancements in the NVIDIA cuDF API

Over the past few releases, the NVIDIA cuDF team has added several new features to user-defined functions (UDFs) that can streamline the development process... 8 MIN READ
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Optimizing Access to Parquet Data with fsspec

As datasets continue to grow in size, the adoption of cloud-storage platforms like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage (GCS) are becoming more popular. Although... 12 MIN READ
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Creating Differentiable Graphics and Physics Simulation in Python with NVIDIA Warp

Typically, real-time physics simulation code is written in low-level CUDA C++ for maximum performance. In this post, we introduce NVIDIA Warp, a new Python... 9 MIN READ