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Just Released: NVIDIA HPC SDK v23.1

Version 23.1 of the NVIDIA HPC SDK introduces CUDA 12 support, fixes, and minor enhancements. < 1
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New Asynchronous Programming Model Library Now Available with NVIDIA HPC SDK v22.11

Celebrating the SuperComputing 2022 international conference, NVIDIA announces the release of HPC Software Development Kit (SDK) v22.11. Members of the NVIDIA... 4 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: OpenACC and Hackathons Summit 2022

Join this digital conference from August 2-4 to learn how science is being advanced through the work done at Open Hackathons or accelerated using OpenACC. < 1
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Using Fortran Standard Parallel Programming for GPU Acceleration

This is the fourth post in the Standard Parallel Programming series, which aims to instruct developers on the advantages of using parallelism in standard... 12 MIN READ
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From Earth Sciences to Factory Production: GPU Hackathon Optimizes Modeling Results

While the world is continuously changing, one constant is the ongoing drive of developers to tackle challenges using innovative technologies. The recent Taiwan... 5 MIN READ
PCAST helps to quickly isolate divergence between CPU and GPU results so you can isolate bugs or verify your results are OK even if they aren’t identical.
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Detecting Divergence Using PCAST to Compare GPU to CPU Results

Parallel Compiler Assisted Software Testing (PCAST) is a feature available in the NVIDIA HPC Fortran, C++, and C compilers. PCAST has two use cases. The first... 14 MIN READ