PCAST helps to quickly isolate divergence between CPU and GPU results so you can isolate bugs or verify your results are OK even if they aren’t identical.
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Detecting Divergence Using PCAST to Compare GPU to CPU Results

Parallel Compiler Assisted Software Testing (PCAST) is a feature available in the NVIDIA HPC Fortran, C++, and C compilers. PCAST has two use cases. 14 MIN READ
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OpenACC Summit 2020 Goes Digital

The OpenACC Summit brings together users of the OpenACC programming model and members of organization across national laboratories, research institutions… < 1
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Government of India, NVIDIA, and OpenACC Hackathon Helps Develop COVID-19 Solutions

NVIDIA and the Government of India organized a hackathon to help researchers combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and assist the scientific community with… 2 MIN READ
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NVIDIA GPU Accelerated VASP 6 uses OpenACC to Deliver 15X More Performance

Developers of the world’s leading HPC application for atomic scale modelling, Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP), rolled out VASP 6.1. 3 MIN READ
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PGI Community Edition 19.10 Now Available

New PGI Community Edition supports NVIDIA V100 Tensor Cores in CUDA Fortean, the full C++17 language, PCAST CPU/GPU auto-compare directives, OpenACC 2. < 1
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PGI Community Edition 19.4 Now Available

Features includes NVIDIA V100 Tensor Cores, Full C++17 Language, PCAST Directives, Full OpenACC 2.6, New OS including macOS Mojave & more. < 1