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NVIDIA Announces Full Open Source of Material Definition Language to Streamline Graphics Pipelines

NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH 2022 announced the full open sourcing of Material Definition Language (MDL)—including the MDL Distiller and GLSL backend technologies—to... 2 MIN READ
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Speed Up Machine Learning Models with Accelerated WEKA

In recent years, there has been a surge in building and adopting machine learning (ML) tools. The use of GPUs to accelerate increasingly compute-intensive... 12 MIN READ
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Similarity in Graphs: Jaccard Versus the Overlap Coefficient

There is a wide range of graph applications and algorithms that I hope to discuss through this series of blog posts, all with a bias toward what is in RAPIDS... 12 MIN READ
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Using RAPIDS with PyTorch

In this post we take a look at how to use cuDF, the RAPIDS dataframe library, to do some of the preprocessing steps required to get the mortgage data in a... 10 MIN READ
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Grandmasters Series: Learning from the Bengali Character Recognition Kaggle Challenge

Handwritten character recognition is one of the most quintessential deep learning (DL) problems. One of the oldest and still widely used benchmark datasets for... 7 MIN READ
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Building an Accelerated Data Science Ecosystem: RAPIDS Hits Two Years

GTC Fall 2020 marked the second anniversary of the initial release of RAPIDS. Created out of the GPU Open Analytics Initiative (GoAi) aimed at making... 10 MIN READ