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Sharpen Your Edge AI and Robotics Skills with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Are you interested in getting started with edge AI and robotics but not sure where to begin?  Look at the relaunched NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit... 4 MIN READ
Diagram of neuroprosthesis device
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Transforming Brain Waves into Words with AI

New research out of the University of California, San Francisco has given a paralyzed man the ability to communicate by translating his brain signals into... 3 MIN READ
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Researchers Demo ‘Almost-Unlimited Size’ Brain Simulations Using GPUs

To improve brain simulation technology, a team of researchers from the University of Sussex developed a GPU-accelerated approach that can generate brain... 3 MIN READ
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AI Helps Generate Speech From Brain Recordings

To help people who have lost the ability to speak, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco developed a deep learning method that can decode... 4 MIN READ
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Developer Spotlight: Automated Biomedical Image Annotation

Ishtar Nyawira, a data science intern at the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center shares how she is using deep learning and the GPU-accelerated Bridges supercomputer... 2 MIN READ
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Share Your Science: Analyzing Human Brain Connectivity with GPUs

Moises Hernandez Fernandez, PhD student at University of Oxford shares how GPUs are being used to accelerate the analysis of the human brain’s underlying... < 1