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RAN-in-the-Cloud: Delivering Cloud Economics to 5G RAN

5G deployments have been accelerating around the globe. Many telecom operators have already rolled out 5G services and are expanding rapidly. In addition to the... 11 MIN READ
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How AI-Enabled Functionality Is Transforming 5G RAN

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in boosting performance and energy efficiency in cellular network operations is rapidly becoming clear. This is... 7 MIN READ
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Transforming Next-Generation Wireless with 5T for 5G and the NVIDIA Aerial SDK

Figure 1. 5G wireless uses an open and cloud-native radio area network (CloudRAN). NVIDIA Mellanox 5T for 5G technology provides a real-time and... 10 MIN READ
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Building an Accelerated 5G CloudRAN at the Edge

Fifth-generation networks (5G) are ushering in a new era in wireless communications that delivers 1000X the bandwidth and 100X the speed at 1/10th the latency... 8 MIN READ