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New SDKs Accelerating AI Research, Computer Vision, Data Science, and More

NVIDIA revealed major updates to its suite of AI software for developers including JAX, NVIDIA CV-CUDA, and NVIDIA RAPIDS. To learn about the latest SDK... 7 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: Data Science Sessions at GTC 2022

Learn about the latest AI and data science breakthroughs from the world's leading data science teams at GTC 2022. < 1
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RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark Release v21.10

RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark v21.10 is now available! As an open source project, we value our community, their voice, and requests. This release... 5 MIN READ
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NVIDIA GTC: Top Data Science Sessions

NVIDIA GTC is the must attend AI conference for developers. It’s a place where practitioners, leaders, and innovators share their ideas about the latest... 4 MIN READ
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RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark Release v21.08

Introduction The August release (21.08) of RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark is now available. It has been a little over a year since the first release at... 5 MIN READ
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Building NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Pipelines on Azure Synapse Analytics with RAPIDS

Azure recently announced support for NVIDIA’s T4 Tensor Core Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) which are optimized for deploying machine learning inferencing... 5 MIN READ