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NVIDIA is Now OpenCL 3.0 Conformant

NVIDIA welcomes OpenCL 3.0’s focus on defining a baseline to enable developer-critical functionality to be widely adopted in future versions of the specification. 

With the recently released R465 display driver, NVIDIA is now officially OpenCL 3.0 conformant on both Windows and Linux.

In September 2020, the Khronos Group released the OpenCL 3.0 final specification. With this latest release, OpenCL 3.0 realigns the OpenCL roadmap to enable developer-requested functionality to be broadly deployed by hardware vendors, significantly increasing deployment flexibility by empowering conformant OpenCL implementations to focus on functionality relevant to their target markets.

Highlights of NVIDIA’s OpenCL 3.0 Implementation:

Existing OpenCL 1.x based applications will continue to work with NVIDIA’s OpenCL 3.0 drivers without any changes.

In addition to full OpenCL 1.2 compatibility, NVIDIA’s OpenCL 3.0 drivers now deliver significant optional OpenCL 3.0 functionality:

  • RGBA vector component naming in OpenCL C kernels
  • pragma_unroll hint
  • opencl_3d_image_writes
  • clCreate*WithProperties APIs which can be used as replacement for the existing clCreateBuffer/Image APIs.
  • clSetContextDestructorCallback
  • clCloneKernel (from OpenCL 2.1)
  • clEnqueueSVMMigrateMem (from OpenCL 2.1)

NVIDIA supports OpenCL 3.0 on Maxwell and later GPUs. For more details, refer to the R465 release notes here, and download the R465 drivers today:

  • Here for Win10 Game Ready
  • Here for Win10 Quadro/NoteBook
  • Here for Linux
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