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New App Uses Deep Learning to Suggest Emojis

Dango is a new mobile that automatically suggests the best emoji, stickers and GIF images to include in your text conversations.
The app relies on a neural network to understand the context of your conversation and predict the best visuals to help you communicate. To do this, the developers used the Theano deep learning framework and trained their models on hundreds of millions of real-world uses of emoji with NVIDIA Tesla K80s on the IBM SoftLayer cloud.
The tool is fast enough to predict emoji for you in real-time on your phone – you can demo the app on the Dango website. Below is one of my results which did a great job:
TGIF emoji
Since emojis are just images, it can also suggest GIFs. So when Dango sees you type get out it will suggest a GIF like this:
Dango is currently available on Android and the GetDango website.
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