Young-Jun Ko

Young-Jun is an AI DevTech Engineer at NVIDIA currently working on accelerating NLP inference workloads on GPUs. Previously, he worked on HPC and AI and contributed to the RAPIDS open-source project. Before joining NVIDIA, Young-Jun received a PhD in computer science from EPFL and worked as a Machine Learning engineer at an adtech startup.

Posts by Young-Jun Ko

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Real-Time Natural Language Processing with BERT Using NVIDIA TensorRT (Updated)

Today, NVIDIA is releasing TensorRT 8.0, which introduces many transformer optimizations. With this post update, we present the latest TensorRT optimized BERT sample and its inference latency benchmar... 18 MIN READ
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Real-Time Natural Language Understanding with BERT Using TensorRT

Large scale language models (LSLMs) such as BERT, GPT-2, and XL-Net have brought about exciting leaps in state-of-the-art accuracy for many natural language… 21 MIN READ