Yong He

Yong He is a senior researcher at NVIDIA working on programming languages for real-time graphics applications. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University in September 2018. His thesis started the Slang project, and he has been a core contributor to the Slang shading language ever since.
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Decorative image of green transparent cube with tiered white lights inside.
Content Creation / Rendering

Differentiable Slang: Example Applications

Differentiable Slang easily integrates with existing codebases—from Python, PyTorch, and CUDA to HLSL—to aid multiple computer graphics tasks and enable... 6 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

Differentiable Slang: A Shading Language for Renderers That Learn

NVIDIA just released a SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 research paper, SLANG.D: Fast, Modular and Differentiable Shader Programming. The paper shows how a single language... 12 MIN READ