Yasmina Benkhoui

Yasmina Benkhoui leads ecosystem development for Generative AI with a specific focus on digital avatars and conversational AI at NVIDIA, spanning various verticals. She also manages the NVIDIA ACE early access program and works on enabling the digital avatar ecosystem with NVIDIA cutting-edge technologies such as Audio2face, Riva, and NeMo LLM. With a strong background in deep learning and computer vision, Yasmina has an extensive track record of developing end-to-end CV solutions in both academic and industrial settings.
Yasmina Benkhoui

Posts by Yasmina Benkhoui

Content Creation / Rendering

Reallusion Brings Digital Characters to Life with NVIDIA AI

In today's digital age, creating realistic animated characters is crucial for filmmakers, game developers, and content creators looking to bring their visions... 6 MIN READ
Generative AI

Build Lifelike Digital Humans with NVIDIA ACE, Now Generally Available

NVIDIA ACE—a suite of technologies bringing digital humans to life with generative AI—is now generally available for developers. Packaged as NVIDIA NIMs,... 5 MIN READ
Still image from Kairos demo, of an NPC at a bar.
Conversational AI

Building Lifelike Digital Avatars with NVIDIA ACE Microservices

Generative AI technologies are revolutionizing how games are produced and played. Game developers are exploring how these technologies can accelerate their... 5 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

Spotlight: Convai Reinvents Non-Playable Character Interactions

Convai is a versatile developer platform for designing characters with advanced multimodal perception abilities. These characters are designed to integrate... 5 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

Create Lifelike Avatars with AI Animation and Speech Features in NVIDIA ACE

NVIDIA today unveiled major upgrades to the NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) suite of technologies, bringing enhanced realism and accessibility to AI-powered... 3 MIN READ