Vincent Brisebois

Vincent Brisebois brings over 25 years of experience in designing technology solutions for 2D and 3D production in the visual effects, video game and design industries to his role as Senior Omniverse Marketing and Content Manager at NVIDIA.

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Graphics / Simulation

Explore the Latest in Omniverse Create: From Material Browsers to the Animation Sequencer

NVIDIA Omniverse Create 2021.3 is now in open beta, delivering a new set of features for Omniverse artists, designers, developers, and engineers to enhance… 4 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

An Exclusive Invitation: Peek Behind the Omniverse Curtain at the Inaugural Omniverse User Group

Join the first NVIDIA Omniverse User Group, an exclusive event hosted by the lead engineers, designers, and artists of Omniverse on August 12… 3 MIN READ