Yue Zhu

Yue Zhu is a senior system software engineer at NVIDIA, focusing on perception algorithms development for automotive driving, intelligent video analytics, and robotics. He received a B.S and M.S in computer science from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Customizing AI Models: Train Character Detection and Recognition Models with NVIDIA TAO

Optical Character Detection (OCD) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are computer vision techniques used to extract text from images. Use cases vary across... 14 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Customizing AI Models: Deploy a Character Detection and Recognition Model with NVIDIA Triton

NVIDIA Triton Inference Server streamlines and standardizes AI inference by enabling teams to deploy, run, and scale trained ML or DL models from any framework... 4 MIN READ

Creating a Real-Time License Plate Detection and Recognition App

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) on stationary to fast-moving vehicles is one of the common intelligent video analytics applications for smart cities.... 17 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Preparing State-of-the-Art Models for Classification and Object Detection with NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

Accuracy is one of the most important metrics for deep learning models. Greater accuracy is a prerequisite for deploying the trained models to production to... 24 MIN READ