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Tanay Varshney is a senior developer advocate engineer at NVIDIA responsible for a wide range of DL software products. He has a master's degree in computer science from New York University focused on the cross section of computer vision, data visualization, and urban analytics.
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Conversational AI / NLP

An Introduction to Large Language Models: Prompt Engineering and P-Tuning

ChatGPT has made quite an impression. Users are excited to use the AI chatbot to ask questions, write poems, imbue a persona for interaction, act as a personal... 10 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

NVIDIA Enables Trustworthy, Safe, and Secure Large Language Model Conversational Systems

Large language models (LLMs) are incredibly powerful and capable of answering complex questions, performing feats of creative writing, developing, debugging... 7 MIN READ
Data Science

Optimizing and Serving Models with NVIDIA TensorRT and NVIDIA Triton

Imagine that you have trained your model with PyTorch, TensorFlow, or the framework of your choice, are satisfied with its accuracy, and are considering... 11 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Accelerating AI Inference Workloads with NVIDIA A30 GPU

NVIDIA A30 GPU is built on the latest NVIDIA Ampere Architecture to accelerate diverse workloads like AI inference at scale, enterprise training, and HPC... 6 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Building and Deploying Conversational AI Models Using NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

Sign up for the latest Speech AI news from NVIDIA. Conversational AI is a set of technologies enabling human-like interactions between humans and devices based... 25 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

Speech Recognition: Deploying Models to Production

This post is part of a series about generating accurate speech transcription. For part 1, see Speech Recognition: Generating Accurate Domain-Specific Audio... 8 MIN READ