Tanay Varshney

Tanay Varshney is a deep learning technical marketing engineer at NVIDIA responsible for a wide range of DL software products. He has a master's degree in computer science from New York University focused on the cross section of computer vision, data visualization, and urban analytics.

Posts by Tanay Varshney

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Transforming Noisy Low-Resolution into High-Quality Videos for Captivating End-User Experiences

The NVIDIA Maxine Video Effects SDK offers AI-based visual features that transform noisy, low-resolution video streams into pleasant user experiences. 16 MIN READ
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Achieving Noise-Free Audio for Virtual Collaboration and Content Creation Applications

The Maxine Audio Effects SDK enables applications that integrate features such as noise removal and room echo removal. 10 MIN READ
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SoftBank Solves Key Mobile Edge Computing Challenges Using NVIDIA Maxine

Learn how SoftBank used the Maxine SuperResolution and hardware-accelerated encode-decode operations to reduce data that must be uplinked to the multi-access… 10 MIN READ
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Building and Deploying Conversational AI Models Using NVIDIA TAO Toolkit

Conversational AI is a set of technologies enabling human-like interactions between humans and devices based on the most natural interfaces for us: speech and… 25 MIN READ