Tim Lustig

Tim Lustig is the director of Corporate Ethernet Marketing at NVIDIA, where his work includes the development of collateral and content creation for sales enablement and product launches. He also develops product promotional activities and outbound communication plans to raise brand awareness for the NVIDIA industry-leading Ethernet product lines.
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Modernizing the Data Center with Accelerated Networking

Accelerated networking combines CPUs, GPUs, DPUs (data processing units), or SuperNICs into an accelerated computing fabric specifically designed to optimize... 5 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Harness DPU-Accelerated Packet-Steering Logic with NVIDIA DOCA Flow

The NVIDIA DOCA framework aims to simplify the programming and application development for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and ConnectX SmartNICs. It provides high-level... 9 MIN READ

Accelerating Redis Performance Using VMware vSphere 8 and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

A shift to modern distributed workloads, along with higher networking speeds, has increased the overhead of infrastructure services. There are fewer CPU cycles... 10 MIN READ
Illustration of a server room with an overlay of colors representing different temperatures.

Top Networking Sessions at NVIDIA GTC 2023

Check out this NVIDIA GTC 2023 playlist to see all the sessions on accelerated networking, sustainable data centers, Ethernet for HPC, and more. 1 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Hands-on Access to VMware vSphere on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs with NVIDIA LaunchPad

Two years ago, NVIDIA and VMware announced that they would reimagine and re-architect the data center. Hundreds of engineers dedicated across each company have... 6 MIN READ