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Tianna Nguy is a Marketing Specialist at NVIDIA, focusing on the Deep Learning Institute (DLI). DLI offers online courses and instructor-led training to help developers, data scientists, students, and other professionals solve their most challenging problems.
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Data Science

New Self-Paced Course: RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark

Dive into the RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark toolset, including the workload qualification tool for estimating speedup on GPU and the profiling tool for... 1 MIN READ
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Upcoming Event: Manufacturing Workshops at GTC 2022

Join us for manufacturing sessions at GTC 2022, including an expert-led workshop on Computer Vision for Industrial Inspection. 1 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Accelerated Computing Workshops at GTC 2022

Expand your accelerated computing skills at GTC 2022 with hands-on NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute workshops. 1 MIN READ
Data Science

Cybersecurity Workshops at GTC 2022

Discover the latest cybersecurity tools and trends with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute workshops at GTC 2022. 1 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Conversational AI Workshops at GTC 2022

Join the NVIDIA Deep Learning Insitute for conversational AI workshops at GTC 2022 and learn how to build and deploy production-quality speech AI applications. 1 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

DLI Courses: Enhance Your Skills with Hands-On Training at GTC

Select from 20 hands-on workshops, offered at GTC, available in multiple languages and time zones. Early bird pricing of just $99 ends Aug 29 (regular $500). 1 MIN READ