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Tianna Nguy is a Marketing Specialist at NVIDIA, focusing on the Deep Learning Institute (DLI). DLI offers online courses and instructor-led training to help developers, data scientists, students, and other professionals solve their most challenging problems.
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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Upcoming Event: Manufacturing Workshops at GTC 2022

Join us for manufacturing sessions at GTC 2022, including an expert-led workshop on Computer Vision for Industrial Inspection. 1 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Accelerated Computing Workshops at GTC 2022

Expand your accelerated computing skills at GTC 2022 with hands-on NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute workshops. 1 MIN READ
Cybersecurity / Fraud Detection

Cybersecurity Workshops at GTC 2022

Discover the latest cybersecurity tools and trends with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute workshops at GTC 2022. 1 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

Conversational AI Workshops at GTC 2022

Join the NVIDIA Deep Learning Insitute for conversational AI workshops at GTC 2022 and learn how to build and deploy production-quality speech AI applications. 1 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

DLI Courses: Enhance Your Skills with Hands-On Training at GTC

Select from 20 hands-on workshops, offered at GTC, available in multiple languages and time zones. Early bird pricing of just $99 ends Aug 29 (regular $500). 1 MIN READ
Data Science

Deep Learning and Data Science Workshops at GTC 2022

Register for hands-on, expert-led workshops in data science and deep learning at GTC 2022. 1 MIN READ