Summer Liu

Summer Liu is a senior product marketing manager at NVIDIA specializing in Enterprise AI. With over 13 years in the technology space, Summer has expertise in product strategy, product management, and bringing enterprise software products ‌to market. Summer holds a Master's Degree in Communications.
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Conversational AI

Develop Custom Enterprise Generative AI with NVIDIA NeMo

Generative AI is transforming computing, paving new avenues for humans to interact with computers in natural, intuitive ways. For enterprises, the prospect of... 14 MIN READ
Generative AI / LLMs

Scale and Curate High-Quality Datasets for LLM Training with NVIDIA NeMo Curator

Enterprises are using large language models (LLMs) as powerful tools to improve operational efficiency and drive innovation. NVIDIA NeMo microservices aim to... 6 MIN READ
Illustration representing NeMo microservices.
Generative AI / LLMs

Simplify Custom Generative AI Development with NVIDIA NeMo Microservices

Across the globe, enterprises are realizing the benefits of generative AI models. They are racing to adopt these models in various applications, such as... 5 MIN READ