Sirisha Rella

Sirisha Rella is a technical product marketing manager at NVIDIA focused on computer vision, speech, and language-based deep learning applications. Sirisha received her master’s degree in computer science from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and was a graduate research assistant at the National Science Foundation - Center for Big Learning.
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Generative AI

Generative AI Agents Developer Contest: Top Tips for Getting Started

Join our contest that runs through June 17 and showcase your innovation using cutting-edge generative AI-powered applications using NVIDIA and LangChain... 3 MIN READ
Image of glasses with computer screen reflected.
Conversational AI

Speech AI Spotlight: Visualizing Spoken Language and Sounds on AR Glasses

Audio can include a wide range of sounds, from human speech to non-speech sounds like barking dogs and sirens. When designing accessible applications for people... 4 MIN READ
Image of person looking at a virtual avatar in office environment.
Conversational AI

Exploring Unique Applications of Text-to-Speech Technology

When interacting with a virtual assistant, you give a command and receive a verbal response. The technology powering this generated voice response is known as... 7 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Speech AI Technology Enables Natural Interactions with Service Robots

From taking your order and serving you food in a restaurant to playing poker with you, service robots are becoming increasingly prevalent. Globally, you can... 9 MIN READ
Man interacting with digital menu at counter
Conversational AI

Deep Learning is Transforming ASR and TTS Algorithms

Speech is one of the primary means to communicate with an AI-powered application. From virtual assistants to digital avatars, voice-based interfaces are... 4 MIN READ
Customer service representatives working
Conversational AI

Speech AI Spotlight: Reimagine Customer Service with Virtual Agents

Virtual agents or voice-enabled assistants have been around for quite some time. But in the last decade, their usefulness and popularity have exploded with the... 5 MIN READ