Sirisha Rella

Sirisha Rella is a technical product marketing manager at NVIDIA focused on computer vision, speech, and language-based deep learning applications. Sirisha received her master’s degree in computer science from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and was a graduate research assistant at the National Science Foundation - Center for Big Learning.

Posts by Sirisha Rella

Graphical representation of automatic speech recognition for transcription, controllable text-to-speech, and natural language processing in a chatbot.
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Build Speech AI in Multiple Languages and Train Large Language Models with the Latest from Riva and NeMo Megatron

Read a recap of conversational AI announcements from NVIDIA GTC. 3 MIN READ
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Create Speech AI Applications in Multiple Languages and Customize Text-to-Speech with Riva

This month, NVIDIA Riva released world-class speech-to-text in Spanish, German, and Russian, empowering enterprises to deploy speech AI applications globally. 3 MIN READ
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ICYMI: New AI Tools and Technologies Announced at NVIDIA GTC Keynote

New AI software tools include Riva Customer Voice, TensorRT, Triton Inference Server, Merlin, NeMo Megatron, and DeepStream. 5 MIN READ
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Speech Recognition: Deploying Models to Production

Deploy optimized services that can run in real-time using Riva, a GPU-accelerated SDK for developing speech applications. 8 MIN READ
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Speech Recognition: Customizing Models to Your Domain Using Transfer Learning

Creating a new AI/DL model is a resource-intensive process. The NVIDIA TAO Toolkit can cut that time from 80 weeks to 8, using transfer learning. 9 MIN READ
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Speech Recognition: Generating Accurate Domain-Specific Audio Transcriptions Using NVIDIA Riva

Thousands of companies are using speech AI to interact with customers. Learn the benefits of using speech AI with the NVIDIA Riva end-to-end pipeline. 4 MIN READ