Sreeram Potluri

Sreeram Potluri is a system software manager at NVIDIA. He leads the GPU Communications group, which focuses on designing runtime and network solutions that enable high-performance and scalable communication on clusters with NVIDIA GPUs. Sreeram received a Ph.D. in computer science from Ohio State University.

Posts by Sreeram Potluri

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Accelerating NVSHMEM 2.0 Team-Based Collectives Using NCCL

NVSHMEM 2.0 is introducing a new API for performing collective operations based on the Team Management feature of the OpenSHMEM 1.5 specification. A team is a… 9 MIN READ
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Scaling Scientific Computing with NVSHMEM

Figure 1. In the NVSHMEM memory model, each process (PE) has private memory, as well as symmetric memory that forms a partition of the partitioned global… 10 MIN READ