Spencer Huang

Spencer Huang is a product manager at NVIDIA with a focus on building cloud native technologies to simplify and accelerate the adoption of robotics simulation applications. His work includes scaling simulation workloads, such as synthetic data generation and validation and testing pipelines. Prior to NVIDIA, Spencer received a technical MBA from NYU with a focus on AI.
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A GIF showing a robotic arm maneuvering items.

Create, Design, and Deploy Robotics Applications Using New NVIDIA Isaac Foundation Models and Workflows

The application of robotics is rapidly expanding in diverse environments such as smart manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens, hospitals, warehouse... 10 MIN READ
Picture of cardboard in bin.

Automating Smart Pick-and-Place with Intrinsic Flowstate and NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator

We are announcing our collaboration with Intrinsic.ai on learning foundation skill models for industrial robotics tasks. Many pick-and-place problems in... 4 MIN READ
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Data Center / Cloud

Scale AI-Enabled Robotics Development Workloads with NVIDIA OSMO

Autonomous machine development is an iterative process of data generation and gathering, model training, and deployment characterized by complex multi-stage,... 4 MIN READ