Sean Huver

Sean Huver is a senior machine learning engineer on the NVIDIA Clara AGX team, working to enable the adoption of AI among medical startups, researchers, and manufacturers. Previously, Sean was a startup founder in the computer vision space, as well as a research scientist on numerous DARPA and other Department of Defense projects. Sean holds a PhD in Quantum Information Theory from LSU, and a BS in physics from UCLA.

Posts by Sean Huver

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Developing End-to-End Real-time Applications with the NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Clara AGX development kit with the us4R ultrasound development system makes it possible to quickly develop and test a real-time AI processing system for ultrasound imaging. 10 MIN READ
A 3-step diagram showing the workflow for skin mole detection and classification. Starting from an input, moving to the YOLOv4 model for detection, and ending with an EfficientNet model for final classification.
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Building Real-time Dermatology Classification with NVIDIA Clara AGX

This post discusses developing an end-to-end example of how deep learning could lead to an automated dermatology exam system free of human bias, using the recently announced NVIDIA Clara AGX development kit. 4 MIN READ